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Youthful Healthy Skin

Body Balance Massage

Elixir of Life - Body Balance Massage

Considerate Waxing

Elixir of Life - Considerate Waxing

Danné Alkaline Wash

Elixir of Life - Danné Alkaline Wash

Hands, Feet & Nails

Elixir of Life - Hands, Feet and Nails

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Elixir of Life - Defined Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Advanced certified Danné Montague-King Skin Revision practice - the ultimate in skin care with in-clinic treatments and natural botanical products

Maintaining youthful healthy skin, treating skin ageing and a wide range of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage and scarring - (for more information please refer to

Sustainable results "educating" skin to perform like youthful healthy skin by matching formulations with the body chemistry - (for more information please refer to

Danné Montague-King botanical-based paramedical prescriptive products for regular home use in between in-clinic treatments for the optimum results - (for more information please refer to

ENZYME THERAPY to restore skin to its peak condition by utilising the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes and activating natural functions of the skin
Enzymes strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in
Enzyme therapy helps to remove dead protein and toxins from the epidermis, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, firms facial muscles, eradicates fine lines

Alkaline Wash - unique method of facial downy hair permanent reduction and skin resurfacing - (for more information please refer to

Facial Treatments

Skin Consultation and Patch Test
Skin analysis and comprehensive skin care advice
Patch test is required prior to some treatments, e.g. Alkaline Wash, QuickPeel, Prozyme

Express Facial
Bespoke rejuvenating mini facial including deep pore cleanse, sebum soak, exfoliating masque, face massage, skin nourishing

Radiant Skin Facial
Bespoke ultimate skin maintenance including deep pore cleanse, sebum soak, skin detox, exfoliation, masque, lymphatic drainage face massage, skin nourishing

Eye Treatment
To revive the area around the eyes, reduce puffiness and dark circles

Enzyme Treatment
Dramatic improvement of healthy skin function on cellular level and an effective face lift
A specific blend of transfer messenger enzymes increases the circulatory & lymphatic system, stimulates cellular enzyme functioning, assisting growth, metabolism, cellular reproduction and natural regeneration. Enzyme therapy breaks down cell build up, smoothes and refines skin, naturally hydrolysing and turning dead protein into a weak acid & flushing it from the skin, it tones the muscles and reduces the appearances of fine lines.

Alkaline Wash
Unique system for permanent reduction of downy hair and skin resurfacing
Patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to treatment

Age Management and Problematic Skin Conditions
Bespoke paramedical treatments to restore and maintain youthful healthy skin

Youthful Healthy Skin
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