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Defined Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Eyebrow shaping & tinting and eyelash tinting are swift procedures using natural products which can bring visible changes to a person's overall appearance, create a more youthful, sophisticated, refined look, open up the eyes and balance facial features. They are great alternatives to daily makeup application for those who are always on the go, people with sparse or pale eyebrows and eyelashes, contact lens wearers, athletes and holidaymakers.

Aromatherapy Waxing

Aromatherapy waxing ensures effective, less painful hair removal from the root leaving the skin smooth, silky and relaxed for weeks and resulting in slower and finer hair re-growth.

Aromatherapy Cetuem wax is made from the finest natural organic resins blended with pure essential antiseptic, soothing and healing oils, with no added petrochemicals, perfumes, artificial colours or preservatives. Cetuem wax combines a strong grip of hot wax with the hygiene and simplicity of warm strip wax, adding the benefits of aromatherapy to waxing and making the process more effective and comfortable.

Waxing treatments are performed on the legs, bikini, underarms, arms, eyebrows, upper lip, face, back and shoulders.


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