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Body & Mind Balance

The interconnection of our physical, mental and psychological states is remarkable and has a great impact on all aspects of our daily lives, our decisions, actions and outcomes.

Bespoke Body & Mind Balance sessions help to address both physical and psychological issues during the same session.

Body & Mind Balance sessions take place in a private treatment room; they help clients to reach their premium physical and mental form and may combine manual body therapy techniques with mindfulness, as a client wishes.

These sessions create a totally individual, deeply relaxing, strictly confidential, powerfully supportive environment for each client.

Some of the invaluable benefits of the Body & Mind Balance include:

  • deep relaxation and improving sleep
  • relief of physical and emotional tension
  • restoring flexibility of joints
  • improving physiological functions of the body, i.e. blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins
  • restoring the body flow, maintaining natural balance and wellbeing
  • energy boost
  • healing and recovering from medical issues
  • addressing psychological concerns
  • calming emotions
  • maintaining the sense of self-worth
  • obtaining clarity of mind and productivity
  • focusing on essential priorities and effective solutions
  • creating helpful mind patterns and associations
  • making astonishing self-discoveries

The essence and format of Body & Mind Balance is explained during a consultation prior to the first session, and a client's preference regarding a ratio of manual and talking techniques is discussed.

The manual body techniques are:

  • full body holistic massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • muscular tension relief massage of problematic areas
  • Indian Head massage
  • face massage
  • hands and feet massage
  • lymphatic drainage
  • reiki (energy hand healing)

The mindfulness elements may encompass:

  • compassionate listening
  • talking about concerns and priorities
  • questioning
  • breathing techniques
  • meditation
  • visualisation


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